We're trying to keep this as up to date as possible, but can't make any promises. There's also some drone cassettes and other shit you can buy from us. Order by sending us a mail at zenfilth@gmail.com

Electric Hobo - Broken Words. Very limited cassette edition, sold out. Will be released alongside with Electric Existence through Hobo Tapes!

J. Kill & Mr. Mule - There Is No "Up", Matatadrone - Tyhjä. 5 e, CDr
J. Kill & Mr. Mule - There Is No "Up". Psychedelic, avantgardist ambient and soundscape. Matatadrone - Tyhjä. Nightmare drone, live album. 5 euros each.

Cut To Fit - Black Mouth, CD, 10 euros

Latest album. We made 500 copies to make sure we have at least some albums to sell in the future too. We turned a new page with this one, and now we're diving head first into the black hole that some other people might refer to as a  "soul".. Streamable here

J. Kill & Mr. Mule - I Exist
 CD-R, running time 21 minutes. Badtriphop, DIY album artwork, 5 euros. Almost sold out. Streamable on Youtube.

J. Kill & Mr. Mule - Lopun Ajan Kansan Lauluja
 C-cassette, running time 52 minutes. Bluesy drony endtime apocalypse music. 5 euros. Streamable on Spotify.

Norman Bates Blues Band - Hi-Roshi-Ma

 C-cassette, 30 min, SOLD OUT. A guitar-drone live album, streamable here.

J. Kill & Mr. Mule - Saatana Saa Aina Omansa,
C-cassette, SOLD OUT. A psychedelic pre-apocalyptic blues-folk cassette. Streamable here, or on spotify.

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